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Awesome Technologies Inc.


Awesome Technologies Inc. is a Software Solutions provider Awesome Technologies Inc. develops full-network enabled, multi-interface applications for hand-held gadgets, thin clients & other networked devices. In addition, our company also offers website and eCommerce hosting services.


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Dallas, TX
United States

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5.0 (1)

5.0 (1)

5.0 (1)

5.0 (1)

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Anonymous Reviewed on 3/15/2021 10:57:21 PM
5 FHA Case Binder
When moving to Encompass in 2016, we were surprised to find that they did not support electronic FHA Case Binder. After doing some searching of sources who had built this, we settled on Noor and the gang from ATI and have been using their product for almost four years. They were quick to set up and test, and saved us considerably from the standard professional services option. They are quick to jump in whenever updates need to be made, or support us if we have any delivery issues.

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