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FundingShield, LLC


FundingShield provides the residential mortgage industry's highest level of protection in the funding process to close newly origination mortgage loans. We protect against loss of funds due to inaccurate and/or insufficient documentation, diversionary wire practices or parties closing in excess of their coverage limits from closing agents or attorneys which could jeopardize closing protection letter coverage. FundingShield provides monitoring at the transaction level, not by assigning risk tolerance or rating levels to parties but by active monitoring of its clients closings and inspection of the necessary documentation to make an assurance of a valid CPL. We may use exclusionary lists but we do not rely on looking at outdated exclusionary lists to approve a transaction like the majority of the industry. FundingShield is your single destination to quickly and efficiently access sources to detect fraud risk in closing protection letters (CPLs) and to validate your closing agents compliance with state license requirements verifying these critical details at the transaction level We look at each transaction to confirm that: –The parties to the closing are properly licensed and/or authorized including an attorney bar status verification –The documents have name, legal entity and other data matches vital to ensure coverage –The correct state forms are being used –The closing party is within its issuance limits –That sufficient insurance in type/form and amounts are in place (crimes policies, E&O or other coverages that may be needed to afford protections and states has different requirements) –The bank account where funds are to be transferred match our existing database as to account name and title Regulatory bodies such as the OCC and CFPB are placing extremely high standards on Third Party Service Provider Due Diligence –we believe mitigating risk associated to an organizations third parties exposure should be done at the time of each transaction.


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Newport Beach, California
United States

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